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Any food and health product company or industry professional working at any point in the chain of production, supply, processing, distribution and sale to consumers may participate in the program. Any enrolled participant anywhere in the world is able to access GCSE-FHP SSQA Implementation Guidance.

Enrolment Steps:

  • Register as member of GCSE-Food & Health Protection: Registration;
  • Contact the GCSE-FHP Team to express your interest in the SSQA Program and for help through the enrolment and the implementation process;
  • Provide details about whether you wish to enroll as a company or an SSQA Facilitator;
  • If as a company, provide details of your type of business, if as an SSQA Facilitator, provide details of your qualifications and industry knowledge;
  • Obtain the online SSQA Manual for a self-study (if a company, the Facilitator or manager does the self-study);
  • Submit the registration fee as described below;
  • Complete at least the basic training on SSQA at one of the GCSE-FHP conferences or through a course offered by an enlisted consultant/trainer;
  • Proceed with SSQA implementation according to the manual guidelines;
  • Maintain status as a member of GCSE-FHP and as an enlisted participation according to the membership and the SSQA enrolment stipulations;
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of your implemented SSQA through the consistent safety and quality of your products with actual customer and consumer testimonials.

Payments to GCSE-Food & Health Protection for participating in the SSQA program are very minimal. It is possible for the total cost to be less than $500 CAD for life. Keep in mind that the SSQA program is designed to minimize costs to companies in the first place. A participating company is completely free to decide on how much it is willing to spend. This largely depends on its ability to maximize the returns on investments while achieving effective, efficient and reliable consumer protection. There are no fixed amounts that participating companies must pay annually in order to maintain the SSQA programs. All fees applicable to the SSQA programs outside of the fees paid for enrolment are completely voluntary. For example, the current fee is set at $150 CAD for companies and $75 CAD for SSQA Facilitators per year. This fee includes access to the implementation manual that is available on-line for as long as the enrolment period has not expired. The single copy of the implementation manual that you legally obtained is yours to keep for life with no annual fees.

Single copies of the implimentation manual may be obtained by individuals or companies (without access to the live update version online) at the same price of $75 CAD per copy that is currently offered to SSQA Facilitators without the required enrolment in the GCSE-FHP SSQA program: Order Your Copy of the Manual  (Applicable Canadian tax may be charged).

Payments for other provisions available to SSQA program participants are completely voluntary. For example, a participant may decide to pay the fee for only a single period of access to the implementation guide. The access is typically for one year. This could be the only payment that is made outside of the company’s usual internal costs for implementing and managing the programs. Other fees that apply to membership participation in GCSE-Food and Health Protection are also completely voluntary. These include contributions that allow for on-going SSQA programs implementation assistance or guidance from GCSE-FHP Panellists. Certain contributions for membership administration are also voluntary. Membership in the coalition is free.

Information about the GCSE-FHP SSQA program is also available on the Coalition Website: For specific inquiries about the SSQA and other GCSE-FHP programs, interested persons or companies may contact the GCSE-FHP Team via email: (

GCSE-FHP  Website:

SSQA Updates

SSQA Program (FAQs)

GCSE-FHP Systems Management – Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Project

Adopting the GCSE-Food & Health Protection SSQA - Safety, Security and Quality Assurance Model

 You may inquire about upcoming SSQA Training sessions or visit the GCSE-FHP Updates Page where announcements are posted from time to time.

 GCSE-Food & Health protection also provides simple tools like the Quality cost Calculation Chart and Paperwork Reduction Guide that may be of interest to you.

 Please keep visiting the Coalition site and Blog for related information.


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