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Everyone is welcome to join this global coalition for sustained excellence (GCSE- Food & Health Protection) campaign. Individuals and organizations can become members. Read the posted notice on membership certificates

Membership is free.

The aim is to provide an avenue for mutual support, education, encouragement and promotion of individuals and organizations involved in food and health protection. GCSE-FHP fosters collaboration without demanding any laborious engagement of participants.

This campaign brings together organizations and individuals who wish to contribute to the protection of public health through various avenues such as: production of sufficient and safe food, pharmaceuticals and other health-related products; protection of food freshness; promotion of regulatory compliance prevention of wastage; provision of equitable and efficient distribution of products, while maintaining social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Individuals and organizations are invited to showcase, discuss and/or promote their work, products, accomplishments, etc. This is for mutual encouragement but with inevitable benefits.

Members have the opportunity to participate in the GCSE-Food & Heath Protection Award of Merit Program.

***The option of having your membership and/or award certificate posted on the GCSE website is also available upon request. Please Contact Us if you wish to have your certificate posted and we will provide you with additional information about the process. 


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