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Tips from the GCSE-FHP Compendium of Guiding Principles 
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Best Practices

GP# 054 - The best practices in food and health products protection come from knowing the real enemies and the strategies to counter them.

Change Management

GP# 004 - A good change management program must support the risk assessment and control programs of every organization.


GP# 032 - In protecting consumers, it is not a company’s promise but the consistency of maintaining product safety that is most crucial.

Consumer Feedback

GP# 033 - In the battle to protect consumers of food and health products, consumer silence is fatal.

Consumer Interest

GP# 036 - Maintaining consumer interest is paramount to the success and longevity of every product provider.


GP# 002 - “Control” prevents real problems caused by known and anticipated risks.


GP# 019 - Cooperation in consumer protection is best achieved through genuine and objective convictions; not through oppressive means or methods that may lead to deliberate defiance.

Cost of Carelessness

GP# 039 - One stroke of carelessness can undo many years of hard work and erase all previous gains.

Document Management

GP# 063 - While ensuring that only current documents are used in any operation, it is equally important to ensure the validity and effectiveness of the documents. It is possible that an older version of a document ends up being more valid for the intended purpose. In that case, it is only prudent to revert to the older version – perhaps with a new reinstatement or re-issue date.


GP# 026 - GCSE-FHP empowers companies and employees to adopt effective practices without imposing oppressive rigours or redundancies in food and health protection.


GP# 030 - In all situations, the enforcement of rules may be helpful but sensible encouragement is more productive in ensuring lasting and consistent cooperation.

Equal Participation

GP# 027 - GCSE-Food & Health Protection belongs equally to the industry and to the consumers.

Measuring Success

GP# 003 - A company's size and sophistication does not automatically equate to its success in ensuring food and health protection.

Moral Obligation

GP# 013 - Any degree of discomfort caused by the lack or use of food or health product is too much discomfort.

Product Safety Assurance

GP# 005 - A product safety system must be designed to assure product safety and not only to obtain assessment pass grades.


GP# 057 - GCSE-Food & Health Protection approach is not to ensure the “effectiveness of product recalls”; it is to prevent product recalls.

Risk Assessment

GP# 023 - Every potential risk contributor must be prevented from causing harm to the consumer. Therefore, on-going risk assessment is inevitable for all product providers.

Social Responsibility

GP# 016 - Attention to social responsibility and moral obligation must be an inevitable part of all consumer protection strategies and scrutiny.


GP# 044 – Since every person is a consumer and, therefore, a stakeholder, ensuring the safety of food & health products is the best self defence strategy for product and service providers.

Sustained Excellence

GP# 006 - Achieving excellence is only the beginning. Excellence must be sustained through excellent practices.

System Assessment

GP# 058 - The most probing product safety assessment that a facility should ever face is the internal assessment. It is the assessment that must dig the deepest and every identified infraction is a major finding.


GP# 025 - Food safety training must go beyond merely imparting or acquiring food safety knowledge. It must positively and sustainably effect a change in mindset.






















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