Update 14

Felix Amiri will be providing a technical presentation on "The Safety, Security & Quality Assurance (SSQA) Concept" during the AFISServices Workshops in Toronto from April 30 to May 2, 2018 - https://afisservices.wixsite.com/afiss-workshops/planned-events


Update 13

A New Year Food Safety IQ Test Contest for a free PDF copy of the summarized SSQA Implementation Manual. The Contest details are provided at: Product IQ Test Question 21


Update 12

SSQA Implementation Manual: A special New Year celebration single copy offer is now available to anyone until January 2nd, 2015


Update 11

SSQA Development Participation Opportunities:

1. SSQA enrollment commission is continuing to be offered to food industry consultants and trainers. 

2. Individuals who know what SSQA is about are invited to join the presentation crew on tour to selected presentation locations. 

If you are interested in any of these participation opportunities, please contact the GCSE-FHP Team for further details: gcse@afisservices.com.


Update 10

GCSE- Food & Health Protection is pleased to announce the release of the SSQA Implementation Manual first edition. You are now able to obtain either a single copy or enroll to have access to the online copy and updates. For details about how to proceed with either option please go to: SSQA Program Enrolment. If you have questions about the manual or the enrolment program, you may contact the SSQA Development Team directly at gcse@afisservices.com.


Update 9

Did you know that consultants have the opportunity to receive SSQA enrolment commission? View the announcement about the planned SSQA Consultants and Trainers Events


Update 8

Have you seen the SSQA Intro video? -  SSQA Introduction Video


Update 7

A content exploration but very useful version of the SSQA implementation Manual is currently available only to members of GCSE-Food & Health Protection main Coalition or LinkedIn group for only $18 CAD. Got to: SSQA Implementation Manual - Summarized Version


Update 6

SSQA enrolment commission is now being offered to food industry consultants and trainers. If you are interest, please contact the GCSE-FHP Team for further details via email: gcse@afisservices.com.


Update 5

Good news about the first open publication of the SSQA implementation Manual:  The process has reached the point of selecting a limited number of industry reviewers. To find out about how you could become one of the selected reviewers please go to: The Manual Reviewers Announcement


Update 4

Permission has been granted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for the inclusion of pertinent information published by FAO-World Health Organization as part of the HACCP synergy portion of the SSQA Implementation Manual. The manual is presently undergoing the initial editorial review with its publication scheduled for the very near future.


Update 3

Work on the SSQA development and Implementation guide is progressing well and you may be interested in pursuing the opportunity that is likely provided to you in Step 1 of SSQA implementation. This step requires the appointment of an SSQA Facilitator. The Facilitator may be an internal employee of the organization or a contracted outside consultant. If you wish to be a Facilitator, a Summary of the qualifications and role are described briefly in this blog post:


Update 2

 You are receiving this information because you indicated your interest in learning about the SSQA concept and program.

 This blog post with a sample list of SSQA responsibilities for a food or health product operation may be of interest to you. You may read the blog post and provide comments as you wish here: http://gcse-food-health-protection.blogspot.ca/2013/10/organizing-for-product-safety-and.html


Update 1

SSQA Program (FAQs)

GCSE-FHP Systems Management Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Project

Adopting the GCSE-Food & Health Protection SSQA - Safety, Security and Quality Assurance Model

 You may inquire about upcoming SSQA Training sessions or visit the GCSE-FHP Updates Page where announcements are posted from time to time.

 GCSE-Food & Health protection also provides simple tools like the Quality cost Calculation Chart and Paperwork Reduction Guide that may be of interest to you. You may DOWNLOAD these at no cost.

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