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Membership Brief


Membership in this campaign is international and open to anyone interested.

There are currently three types of membership:



This is the regular membership status. 



This is an individual member selected to serve on a panel that evaluates submissions from members. To qualify as a Panellist, the candidate must have related educational background, professional certification and/or several years of experience as systems and programs manager, coordinator, trainer, auditor or assessor.


Panellists will review all submissions from organizations or individuals who wish to publish their accomplishments, etc. on the GCSE Web Sites. Panellists will also evaluate, assess, and audit all submissions or suggestions for recognition. It is up to the Panellists to approve or disapprove nominees for Awards of Merit.


Panellists are selected to form a panel of at least three individuals from international locations to review each submission.



Organizations and individuals may wish to make voluntary contributions to sponsor certain programs or specific campaigns. Such sponsor organizations will have the opportunity to promote their sponsored projects, work, products, services, etc.


Charitable organizations are automatically certified as Sponsors.


To qualify as a sponsor you have to provide evidence of the program(s) supported and how each program fits with the GCSE-Food & Health Protection objectives. Some details about the extent of sponsorship may be requested by the panellists reviewing each submission in other to assess if the submission qualifies to receive the GCSE-Food & Health Protection “Sponsor” certification. Additional details are provided in the Membership Guide.





















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