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Development and Implementation of Food Safety Programs
Development and Implementation of HACCP Programs
Quality Systems Development
Quality Tracking Database Solutions
Traceability and Recall Management Database Solutions
Customer Communications Database Solutions
Preventive Maintenance Database solutions
Third Party Audits
Internal Audit Services
GFSI Programs development & Internal auditing
HACCP, Quality Systems development & auditing
Quality Assurance Resource Planning & Optimization
Customized Food Safety programs development and personnel training
Continuous improvement programs development
Customized Internal Audit Services
Traceability, Recall and Mock Recall Systems Implementation Assistance:
Product & Process Development for Manufacturing & Food Service Establishments
Technical Support for Manufacturers & Retailers of Food Processing Equipment, Supplies, Software, etc.







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Inquire about: Obtaining a reduced price or a free copy of the SSQA Program Implementation Manual

Free Copies are currently available to any current or future AFISS Clients who wish to implement the SSQA program.


SSQA-in-Action Program with AFISServices


If you are responsible for directing the food safety and quality assurance programs in  your company or business, let AFISServices help you plan and implement your unique SSQA strategy for eliminating redundant costs  while increasing customer confidence and loyalty. Thats right. By eliminating redundant food safety and quality management (FSQM) costs and increasing the efficient utilization of the resources available to your operation, you can increase customer confidence in the safety and quality of your products, and retain an unwavering loyalty of your customers. AFISServices can help.

SSQA Implementation Offer Details:

To qualify for the FREE PDF COPIES of the current SSQA Implementation Manual and the implementation program, the requirements are simple:

  You are ready to measure the actual success of your food safety and quality management program through incident reduction tracking and positive consumer feedback. AFISS will help you set that up if you do not already have a way of doing this.

  You are not slavishly tied to an external certification program. Although you can still implement the  SSQA alongside your certification program, your actual food safety and quality assurance progress is hindered by certification obligations because of the extraneous demands and counter-productive constraints of such programs.

  You are willing to pursue continuous improvement simultaneously with operation cost reduction. If you do not already have a way to measure these, AFISS will help you set something up.

  You are ready to work with AFISS on a short term or long term contract to assist you in the development and Implementation of your SSQA Program.

Please contact Felix Amiri at AFISS to start the process of setting up your program: Program Setup Request




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