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The system comes with an excellent offer on ehaccp







  Click this link to learn about   e haccp compatibility with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Food Safety Enhancement Programs (FSEP) and HACCP models.


o        Owners of CPoint HACCP Management software may now upgrade to the new version e haccp.

o        This  version adds expanded capabilities to an already dynamic HACCP Development & Management software.

o        Upgrading to the new version is free to owners of the previous version. New purchases of the previous version also qualify for the free upgrade. LIMITED TIME OFFER .

  • The World Food Safety Organisation is expanding its certification programs in the Canada/U.S. Region and will be conducting its auditor training & certification programs in the region. Click onAuditor Training Opportunities to find out more about future opportunities.


  •   For tips on writing effective procedures for food safety program management got toPROCEDURES