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Please take some time to learn more about the purpose of this coalition and how you can become a part of it.

The Global Coalition for Sustained Excellence in Food & Health Protection has been launched to encourage a worldwide mobilization to:

– protect public health

– promote regulatory compliance

– produce sufficient, nutritious, affordable and safe food (including safe water supply),

– produce reliable pharmaceutical and other health products

– keep products fresh and within reasonable shelf life

– avoid wastage

– ensure equitable and efficient distribution of food and health products

– encourage social responsibility

– maintain environmental sustainability


Interested individuals and organizations may join this campaign. It is not limited to the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is also not limited to any one jurisdiction because countless people and organizations worldwide are involved in different ways in the production, protection and distribution of food, pharmaceuticals and other health-related products.


The Central Message:

At home or abroad, products will be safer when we no longer ignore this fact: Food & health protection excellence will be achieved when we no longer offer our products and services or perform our duties for the benefit of “others” presumed to be irrelevant, or for the benefit of “outside” customers and consumers who are merely viewed as opportunities for business.


"We are the consumers. Upon this crucial realization we stand with the determination to maintain excellence in our contributions to ensuring our protection from any harm caused by food or health products. We must be better protected but not without our deliberate action to ensure this protection. Our reputation as food and health protection professionals and practitioners, and our confidence as consumers, depend on this realization. Our health and economic survival are at stake. Therefore, we shall settle for nothing less than excellence.The measurable success in food and health protection that is achieved through our collaboration must no longer be an elusive reality. We must know that, as consumers, we are protected. Else we shall not rest in our deliberate action to ensure food and health protection – our protection." (GCSE-Food & Health Protection, Membership Guide, page 3).

You are invited to join this campaign if any number of the following applies to you. The international membership representation includes:

• Food or health products consumers or customers

• Food and health industry professionals

• Organisations conducting any business or activity that ensures product safety

• Producers and processors

• Food or product safety assessors

• Companies involved in the delivery of food or health products or services

• Organisations providing employment or consumer education

• Educational institutions that offer programs pertaining to food and health

• Organisations that support social or charitable causes

• Organisations participating in a third party certification or assessment programs

• Individuals or organisations engaging in environmental protection through energy conservation, material recycling, pollution control or any related involvement

• Organisations that provide safeguards for public safety and security

• Charitable organisations

• Etc.

Everyone is welcome. Joining the campaign provides different opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute in this global mobilization. Organizations or individuals may showcase and/or promote their work, products, accomplishments, etc. for mutual encouragement but with inevitable benefits. Individual or company accomplishments pertaining to any or all of the listed aspects may be promoted. Members also have the opportunity to participate in the GCSE Award of Merit Program. This program provides international peer recognition of accomplishments.

Please join us to add your voice and support.

Membership details are provided in the Membership Guide that is available to registered members.

You may download the PowerPoint Overview.

Help support the programs and events with your Donation of any amount.



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