Donations to support GCSE-Food & Health Protection

- Donations are for a Good Cause - 

Anyone or any company may make a non-refundable contribution to support GCSE-Food & Health Protection conferences and other initiatives. We understand that this is a trusting community approach that allows members and supporters to contribute only as much as they are able to afford for the mutual benefit of all who support this cause and, ultimately, the society at large.

Donors are listed under the indicated categories according to amounts donated. The amounts shown are in Canadian Dollars (CAD$):

Donor: $10 to $99

One Star Donor:  $100 to $499

Two Star Donor:  $500 to $999

Three Star Donor: $1000 to $4999

Four Star Donor: $5000 to $9999

Five Star Donor: $10,000 and higher

If you are able to support conferences and/or other initiatives of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, this will be greatly appreciated.

Star donors may request receipts for accounting and expense claim purposes. Due to the non-charitable organization status of GCSE-FHP, its current international scope and non-binding membership, donations are not tax-deductable for any jurisdiction.

You may donate any amount that you wish:



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