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AFIS Services Launches First and Second Party Audits with Failure Incident Reduction Objectives

With or without external certifications, every operation needs more than routine inspections. Thorough internal audits to identify areas of system and operation weaknesses for required attention are essential. Internal audits are also necessary for highlighting system and operation strengths on which to capitalize. AFIS Services first and second party audits essentially serve as internal audits.  

The main rational for having strong internal audits is to ensure a viable and beneficial continuous improvement program. Many of the recognized external audit programs also list internal audits as part of the requirements but internal audits are not just to satisfy or even impress external auditors.

AFIS Services is currently offering more than the typical documents review plus plant inspection and interviews. With the evolution of the SSQA concept, AFIS Services has developed a first and second party audits with benefits that are immediately recognizable. The main features are the same as outlined in sections 2.6 .1.1 to of the SSQA Implementation Manual. These features include the categorization of scheduled audits according the specific purposes, the use of customized (non-monotonous) audit guidelines, etc.

Although the AFIS Services internal audits project is bound to satisfy or even impress external auditors, the purpose is more to eliminate failure root-causes. The design, expectation and determination are to continuously see measurable and permanent reduction in failure incidents as well as the efficient harnessing of identified strengths. Success is viewed differently in the AFIS Services first and second party audits program. It is not simply verified according to the scores obtained during external certification audits. Success is first of all verified according to the actual reduction in failure incidents, and according to the positive experience of customers/consumers with the operationís products. Excellent external certification audit scores are important but of secondary consideration.

If you are interested in the AFIS Services first and second party audits program for your operation, I would gladly work with you to set this up. Drop me a direct Email.

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