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A Practical

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point

Management System That Reduces Paper Work


e haccp & CFIA Requirements


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e haccp TM   is an efficient Food Safety management system that provides the traceability for all aspects of HACCP legislation and the auditing requirements. When a critical hazard goes out of control, the system automatically prompts the user to create incident reports and action plans that are accountable and auditable.

e haccpTM   - is certified by the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (R.I.P.H.H.).

e haccpTM   is a practical, cost effective step-by-step food safety management system. It meets the EC Hygiene Directive 93/43/EEC and other international "Due Diligence"  requirements  deriving from the joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission (Alinorm 97/13A) guidelines.  The e haccpTM system includes the auditing elements for HACCP certification as required by certifying bodies worldwide.


The strengths of this software include the user friendly menu navigation system. It effectively combines the use of command icons and descriptions. With the comprehensive "HELP" index provided, the user has ready answers to questions on how to use the different tools provided within e haccpTM .













Considering the many capabilities that it offers the Food Safety management team, e haccpTM is one if not the most cost effective system on the market. The features include several planning, information gathering, tracking and reporting tools. Some examples of these are shown below:
























































e haccp TM   also offers: 

·           Unlimited types of monitoring records
Any record type e.g.: Calibration, temperature checks, and product tests... Even hand-written records can be scanned and managed within CPoint.

·           Unlimited types of Audit Records
Records of auditing including internal and 3rd party to suit any company's program.

·           Unlimited types of Incident Records
Any item that goes out of the control limits is regarded as an incident. It allows for observations and system improvements. This raises an incident report, which traces the corrective and preventive actions to the nature of the incident. It is closed when the corrective actions are completed. E.g.: Customer complaints, production, packaging...

·           Multi HACCP plans per Site
Provides for a site having more than one plan.

·           Full Flow chart module
Drawing tool to create: Process flowcharts, Organisation charts, Floor plans, etc.

·           Document and data control
Automatic generation of document and data control.

·           Verification
All records are automatically verified on completion.

·           Cost Analysis reports
Every Incident report includes the estimated cost element to enable the costing of all out of control items.

·           Multi Languages
Facility to operate CPoint in several languages.

·           Tip of the day
A prompt facility showing salient features of the package.



 Immediate Benefits of Using e haccpTM  

·           Resource Management
Monitoring of resources needed to satisfy the business operation.

·           Record traceability
Automatic tracking of all system elements.

·           Multi-plan facility
Where similar process exist, within the same company a plan may be copied instead of creating a new plan, thus minimising work load.

·           Auditable management system
It facilitates the inspection process requirement.

·           Paperless management system
Automated self-management system.

·           Codex cross-reference table
A check list to ensure the satisfaction of the Codex 7 principles.

·           Effectiveness
Provided by the measurement of financial and operational data.

Intended Users of the e haccp  TM   Software:

Anyone who is involved in food production, processing or the food service industry would benefit from this practical and efficient step-by-step paperless food safety management solution that meets the requirements of HACCP inspection and accreditation bodies world-wide. These include Food and drink producers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, institutional food service, food handlers, etc.


System requirements (Recommended)


Windows® 95, 98, or Windows NT® 4 (sp5)
Pentium 166 or higher
20 MB disk space
Super VGA monitor 800x600 or better


                See also e haccp-CFIA compatibility review



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