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The World Food Safety Organization is an independent body that is dedicated to helping food industry establishments in the development of food safety management methods for ensuring lasting customer-supplier partnerships and consumer confidence. Through involvement with the WFSO-Food Safety certification programs, food establishments gain increasing consistency and effectiveness in the management of food safety.  These certification programs provide participants with opportunities for on-going application of winning techniques.

The WFSO supports the EU, ISO and the corresponding accreditation initiatives for the implementation of food safety management (HACCP) system. Achieving a food safety certification that aligns with the guidelines from FAO, WHO-Codex Alimentarius Commission and supported by local legislation is of the essence. Hence the WFSO approach equips auditors to verify the effectiveness of food safety management systems and enforces a process of assessment that ensures continuous improvements. The WFSO Food Care Award, Food Processing Best Practice Certification & Food Safety Auditors Training and Licensing programs constitute the key components of this approach.


       Provides a platform for the development and maintenance of readily adaptable Food Safety Management Standards worldwide

       Provides the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of Food Safety Management systems

       Offers internationally recognized food safety systems certification programs through the Food Care Award (FCA) & Food Processing Best Practice (FPBP) Certification Schemes.

       Serves as an information and education resource for the certification programs participants

       Offers auditors certification training programs

       Retains trained auditors to carry out food safety audits in general and to encourage participation in the WFSO certification programs

       Provides networking opportunities for food establishments

       Maintains technical and legal help lines

       Maintains a register of accredited consultants


       Participation in WFSO Certification programs

       Conferences on critical Food Safety issues

       Practical workshops sharing case studies and experience

       Special Interest Groups concerned with specific aspects of food safety

       Quarterly newsletter

       Discounts on: Conferences Seminars, workshops and training

       Network with industry

       Members register

       Access to technical committee

       Free limited Legal advice

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       An easy and low-cost way to keep up-to-date with the latest food safety management methods.




Food Care Award (FCA) & Food Processing Best Practice (FPBP) Certification

The FCA & FPBP certification programs are designed to enable food businesses to achieve the certification of their Food Safety (HACCP) Management System in line with the ISO 22000, the WHO-Codex Alimentatius Commission and other international directives. The schemes consist of self assessment by participating food establishments as well as verification audits conducted by certified WFSO auditors (Project Managers).

The assessment methodologies are designed to enable companies to demonstrate due diligence in food production and delivery operations from "Farm to Fork". Through the self-assessment vehicle, participating establishments are encouraged to measure their own continuous improvements, and verify the effectiveness of established food safety programs and controls. The FCA & FPBP schemes incorporate the HACCP principles, to ensure that all measures are taken to prevent the occurrence of unsafe food incidences.

The FCA & FPBP programs ensure the involvement of all epartments within an establishment in the development and implementation of its Food Safety management system. Prior to  the  certification of a food business under these programs, the WFSO verifies the following:


  That the establishment has implemented a food safety management system based on the HACCP principles.

  That measures and practices are established according to applicable regulatory & legal requirements.

  That the food safety programs are supported by documented procedures, good operating instructions and records.

  That a framework has been established to ensure a continuing satisfaction of all applicable standards .

Achievement of WFSO certification shows that the management system in place is designed to ensure continuous improvement and verifies effectiveness against selected criteria, set policies and objectives.

Steps to WFSO Certification:

1.       A food business registers its intention to work towards the certification.

2.       On receipt of a registration, all documentation is sent and a Project Manager is assigned by the WFSO.

3.       A site visit by the Project Manager or an assigned certified WFSO auditor is planned within two weeks after registration.

4.       A report is produced and an action plan is recommended together with a possible time table.

5.       The food business revises and amends the time-table, which is sent back to the project manager for approval.

6.       The action plan includes self-assessment, to be conducted in accordance to WFSO standards documents supplied.

7.       The food business works through the action plan and liaises with the Project Manager.

8.       After a consideration of the progress by the company, two additional audits conducted by WFSO-appointed auditors are planned and carried out.

9.       The audits are planned so that the final recommendations are rectified within a period of one year, from the date of registration.

10.   A report including recommendations is sent by the Project Manager to the food business.

11.   The food business submits to WFSO the application form for certification along with the self-assessment, the final audit reports and other relevant documentation showing evidence of an established the Food Safety Management System.

12.   The Food Safety Management System and all evidence are reviewed by an independent WFSO Technical Committee. Following an approval by the Committee, a Certificate of Compliance with the FCA or FPBP criteria is issued to the applicant food business.

13.   Certification is subject to an annual review to ensure continuing compliance prior to being renewed each year.

The WFSO also provides the Food Lead auditor certification and licensing programs. For further information about these programs please visit the WFSO web site at: http://www.worldfoodsafety.org .


Membership is open to establishments involved the food and related industry. Our members represent all levels of interest in food safety management.






You may contact the WFSO Canada/U.S. Regional Office at:  CanAm@worldfoodsafety.org







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